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You don't have to accept stress as the cost of success. Stress is not fueling your success - it's burning you out. Calm and ambition can coexist. I'll show you how!

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My e-book Success Without the Stress will help you:


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Hi, I'm Amanda!

After 30 years of success in my professional career, I experienced burnout. It took me down. I loved my career – until one day, I didn’t. While on a necessary sabbatical, I earned three coaching certifications, developed a daily mindfulness and self-care practice, and radically changed my outlook on life.

My mission now is to help you approach your life goals with calm and self-compassion so you can create a natural flow and prevent burnout.

Your own path to personal fulfillment can start with my e-book, Success Without the Stress.

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What others are saying about Beyond Balance Coaching

"Very quickly after engaging with Amanda at Beyond Balance Coaching, I was able to recognize ways to change my behavior and ways to observe the behavior of people around me. The tools she provided to me were truly eye opening, and enabled me to view situations differently - and ultimately reduce my stress and enhance my productivity in all aspects of my life."

Nancy Ellen B, Google Review, 2022

"Amanda is an amazing coach!  She helped me gain different perspectives of things I was working on, which allowed me to see things more clearly. Amanda is very knowledgeable and had  guidance or exercises on how I could transform my way of thinking so that I could start living happier. I learned so much from Amanda and utilize those things every single day!"

Nancy Ellen B, Google Review, 2022

Paula Hoffa, Google Review, 2022

ebook shown on iPad


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You’ll also be the first to know of exciting offers on coaching, courses, and retreats.